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Omyabond 520 - Low Moisture Filler for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

Omyabond 520 is a fine white calcium carbonate powder, surface treated and especially developed to ensure outstanding low moisture pick-up and excellent dispersion.
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Low Moisture Calcium Carbonates for Reactive Adhesives

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Omyabond 120 – Outstanding Performance Mineral for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

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Moisture Controlled 
Fillers for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

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Process Optimization With Moisture Controlled Calcium Carbonates

Typical solutions to manage moisture in reactive adhesives & sealants are the pre-drying of raw materials, use of heat & vacuum during mixing, and the addition of chemical drying agents, such as VTMO
Polyurethane, silicones and silane modified polymers are used to formulate systems that cure using ambient humidity and are known as moisture reactive adhesives & sealants. These tend to be high-end systems, especially with regard to their rheological and mechanical profile.
Water is critical to the performance of these systems, and the proper control of moisture during production and storage is often a challenge.
A mineral filler, such as Calcium Carbonate, is often the major component of these moisture reactive formulations, with addition levels reaching up to 60%. The large quantity of filler used can bring a significant amount of water into the system, which needs to be removed by either mechanical or chemical means.

Outstanding Performance Mineral for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants


Advantages of low moisture fillers from Omya
Lower mixing temperatures results in energy savings
Elimination of filler pre-drying means less production steps
VTMO reduction due to low moisture of filler
Independence from climate even in high humidity regions
Increased capacity due to shorter cooling times

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Omyabond 120 tangible benefits of traditional ground calcium carbonate with hose of reinforcing fillers, such as mechanical properties and a reduced need for rheological modifiers. Watch the recorded webinar to learn more on the details.

Reducing Moisture to Save Energy - Omyabond 120 an Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate for Reactive A&S 

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