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Process Optimization With Moisture Controlled Calcium Carbonates

Typical solutions to manage moisture in reactive adhesives & sealants are: pre-drying raw materials, heat & vacuum during mixing, and reduce the content of chemical drying agents, such as VTMO (upcoming EU CLP regulation).
Polyurethane, silicones, silylated modified polymers, silan terminated polyurethanes and MS polymers are or can be used to formulate moisture curing systems, so-called moisture reactive adhesives & sealants. These are highly reactive and typically, high-end systems, especially with respect to their rheological and mechanical profile. A critical aspect, and often a challenge in these systems is the proper control of moisture content during production and storage, that is the moisture content before targeted onset of the curing after application.

A mineral filler, such as Calcium Carbonate is often the major component of these moisture reactive formulations. Typical filler levels can reach up to 55 - 60%. This means in practical terms that although moisture content of a filler appears low on a data sheet in terms of percentage, the filler might bring in a lot of water into the system, which then needs to be handled and reduced according to the actual requirements.

Optimize Your Production Process With Low-Moisture Fillers for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants


Reduce number of production steps
Save energy
Increase mixing capacity
Save cost on additives
Be independent from the surrounding climate even in high humidity areas
Eliminate filler pre-drying
Lower mixing temperatures
Faster production cycles because of significantly shorter cooling times
Reduce chemical drying additives
Low moisture pick-up of the filler

Portfolio Overview

Omyabond 520 - Low Moisture Filler for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

Omyabond 520 is a fine white calcium carbonate powder, surface treated and especially developed to ensure outstanding low moisture pick-up and excellent dispersion.
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Omyabond 420 - Moisture Controlled Ultrafine GCC for Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP) in Parquet Adhesives

Omyabond 420 is a product specifically designed for moisture curing adhesives such as hybrid, silicone or polyurethanes.
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Low Moisture Calcium Carbonates for Reactive Adhesives

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On May 15th, 2020, the EU Commission has accepted the 15th ATP proposals including a new classification of VTMO: Skin sensitive, 1B, H 137. Labelling will soon (latest early 2020)  be necessary for adhesives & sealants containing > 1% of VTMO.

Using Moisture Controlled Calcium Carbonate will help to reduce moisture content in your formulation.
Less moisture, less VTMO needed – you can avoid additional labelling of your products. 


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